The taste of the volcano

Ristorante 12 Fontane

The taste of the volcano

And the flavour of our cuisine has the ancestral gesture of women, the yearning for the ancient dish that has become contemporary.

12 Fontane  - Ristorante - Neri - Linguaglossa

Etna, in the simplicity of its raw materials.

Like a small jewel inside a casket, the “Dodici Fontane” restaurant could not have been located anywhere else from Villa Neri. Set on the slopes of Etna and immersed in the beautiful surrounding landscape, of that territory it brings products and recipes to the table with an eye to catering outside Sicily. The chef Elia Russo thus interprets perfumes and aromas with a strong Sicilian character through preparation and cooking techniques in step with the times. His dishes trace the history of the island through current and, at times, surprising combinations.

Elia Russo Chef -

Here, than, that in the menu we find dishes with a fully Sicilian soul, such as “zuzzu” of Sicilian black pig shoulder softened by honey and chili pepper caramel, accompanied by two other protagonists of Sicilian cuisine, the Bronte pistachio and lemon; or proposals that combine in a union of flavours the cuisine of northern Italy together with that of the south, such as “Gli Aironi” Carnaroli rice with extract of roasted red pepper, Syracusan “Gelo di Limone Femminello”; fish dishes such as squid tagliatella pasta accompanied by fermented lettuce chiffonade, smoked almond cream, hedgehog eggs and meat dishes that cross borders always looking for the highest quality, as in the “New Zealand” leg of lamb Braised Marsala Cantine Florio with light yoghurt cream, white turnip and basil chlorophyll tips.

All always accompanied by a punctual and wide-ranging wine list that starts from the Etna area and explores the most distant countries.

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hours 12:30 – 14:30 with light lunch menu| 19:30 – 22:30 with Grand Carte

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