Our History

For the last century the Neri family has been living Mount Etna through a variety of businesses. It was at the beginning of the 20th century that two brothers, Vincenzo and Salvatore, the second of which was a promising tenor singer, migrated to the United States to look for fortune.

And fortune arrived quite quickly thanks to the many sacrifices, but mostly thanks to the great voice of Salvatore, who became a passionate interpreter of the Italian opera in New York’s theatres. Sadly, Salvatore passed away and Vincenzo remained suddenly alone with its despair. He decided therefore to go back to his motherland and with the money put away during the years abroad with his brother, he bought a piece of land in the municipality of Linguaglossa, at the bottom of Mount Etna. Here he go married to a girl from the town and together they started to take care of their belongings, dedicating themselves to the farming of the vineyards and olive groves, creating this way a proper business in the production of wine and olive oil.