Inside Villa Neri, we have implemented the anti COVID-19 safety measures and all the staff have been adequately trained in compliance with hygiene and prevention regulations. The health of our guests and our staff is one of the main objectives we set ourselves. Every day we do our best to ensure that you can spend a stay in total safety. We try to always be updated on the best technologies in terms of hygiene and anti-Covid measures, to guarantee you maximum peace of mind.

Main anti Covid-19 security measures adopted:

Favorable conditions of the structure and measures taken for the staff:

– Villa Neri, thanks to its design and its modest size, has always been an intimate and private place. The resort is located about 3km from the town and away from car traffic. It has only 24 rooms, and has a garden/park of over 3 hectares around the structure.

– All the staff of each department is subjected to body temperature measurement on a daily basis before entering the workplace.

– An anti-Covid screening is carried out on a monthly basis on all the staff, using an antigenic test and also all the staff will use the main PPE during working hours.

– The food handling staff uses protective masks and disposable gloves right from the reception of the raw materials and up to the food processing processes.

– The large spaces of our hall of about 80 square meters, allows arriving guests not to create gatherings. Upon request, our customers can check-in directly in the room, avoiding unnecessary waiting. To take advantage of this service, just write to the email: info@hotelvillanerietna.com

During your stay:

– Air sanitation of the room daily through the use of particulate lamps, and also through the use of sanitizing products for cleaning.

– In addition to the staff, guests are also required to wear a mask in the internal and external common areas and where not possible, it is required to maintain a safety distance of 1 meter from each other.

– Sanitizing hand gel dispensers and disposable masks are available in all common areas of the resort.

– The staff in charge of cleaning the floors have been adequately trained on the protocols for the sanitation of the environments and have been provided with certified cleaning products, as well as disposable cloths for the rooms. An ozone machine is used in all rooms, common areas and food preparation areas to sanitize the environment.

– Both the “Parco degli ulivi” breakfast room and the “Dodici Fontane” restaurant room, as well as being very large so as to allow a natural distance, are equipped with large sliding windows that guarantee the constant circulation of fresh air. In both rooms, if the weather conditions allow it, it is possible to have meals outside, thanks to the already existing outdoor furniture.

– Finally, guests of the resort can request check-out at personalized times and directly in the room, always by booking at the e-mail address: info@hotelvillanerietna.com.

We look forward to welcoming you as our guests soon.